by disunicorps

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"Try was a gnarled chunk of churning frantic machinelike riffing and programmed blasting, croaked vocal rumbles, the guitars super distorted and crumbling, a pretty fierce blast of programmed black buzz, bubblegum at times for sure, minus the harsh vokills, it occasionally sounds like some sort of electro pop, or a less damaged Fastest (former aQ Record Of The Week!) even, major key melodies, bouncy jaunty rhythms, almost video game music at moments, but the vocals, and the weird echoey reverby production transform things into, well, into post-post-digital bubblegum black/death metal, offering different shades of dirgey heaviness that sounds like a horror movie soundtrack, programmed loping rhythms that sound like some machine post rock, some seriously grinding blackness, goofy blackened fuzz pop that almost sounds like a black metal Dickies and fuzzy, washed out almost blissy 8-bit sounding new wave drift. / Sounds pretty amazing, cuz it is! Or was! Now all of those sounds have been rerouted through some old tape deck, and in the process, slowed down a bit, so essentially, the above still describes the sounds on Re:Try, the main difference is really that it all sounds a bit heavier and doomier and dirgier, the sound more raw and low fidelity, as a test, just check out the Del Shannon cover here, which sounds more like some sinister electro doom, the little main lilting melody somehow super creepy, the dirgey death metal vibe more prominent, everything sludgier and murkier, and for folks like us whole like everything better slowed down, maybe even better!" -- aQ records

"O étrange chose, ô curiosité machiavélique, mais qu'es-tu donc satan !? Ce truc totalement hypothétique et nécessairement l’œuvre d'un fou ne ressemble à rien. Entre techni-prog fait dans la chambre et black metal pinkfloydien, rien ne nous indique la direction. On reste plutôt intrigué et intéressé jusqu'à la fin, pour qui a l'oreille ouverte. Une grosse oreille bien ouverte quand même." -- Arsène Obscène


released March 5, 2012

mastered by andy bianchi at basic studios



all rights reserved


disunicorps Brooklyn, New York

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